Rainwater harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is logical. Why not to utilize water which falls free of charge on ones roof and,  as in many countries, flush the toilet with potable water. Is that not somehow stupid? But in some (our) countries water is so cheap that it is common practice. Slowly but surely the preciousness of water is recognized and the attention for rainwater harvesting gains momentum.

Kilian Water has since the very beginning (in 1997) been focused on rainwater harvesting in both new developments as well as in existing buildings and we provide tailor made solutions in this field.

Below some examples of possible systems:

1. Most common rainwater system with an underground tank. The pump is here placed in the cellar but this can be in many other places, even in the tank. Depending on the groundwater table one can choose between plastic or concrete tanks. 

2. Since the late 90’s we can also provide bag tanks for use under the building. They are equally reliable as an underground tank and require only half a meter of space.

3. In places were the groundwater table is between -0,5 and -2 meters and the water is of good quality one can combine rainwater infiltration with harvesting. One never runs the risk of running dry leading to potable water replenishment and extra energy consumption. 

A bit of history: one o four first rainwater harvesting systems with bag tanks (1998). At that time Kilian water was still the only one providing such an innovative solution. And, the system ran like new during our last visit in January 2013!