Some of our constructed wetlands

Some of our constructed wetlands:

Photo 1: our oldest constructed wetland treating sewage

This is one of our very first constructed wetlands which was build in Wageningen in 1998. Until today the constructed wetland treats the sewage coming from two households and four artists workshops at just a few kilometers form our office.

Photo 2: two constructed wetlands treating grey and black water

At the photo one looks over a pond towards two constructed wetlands. Close to us a constructed wetland treats grey water and behind it the much thicker vegetation is visible of the second one which treats black water. The treated grey water feeds the pond from which the water for the toilets is taken.

Photo 3: a constructed wetland with an insect hotel

This constructed wetland treats the wastewater for an environmental educative centre and from the household of the local caretaker. The 40 m2 vertical flow constructed wetland can cope with peak loads up to 120 visitors per day in the summer.

Photo 4: vertical flow constructed wetland

This constructed wetland treats the wastewater of a camping in the north of the Netherlands. Due to large fluctuations in the hydraulic load and ambient temperatures as low as -15 ˚C in the winter a 200 m2 vertical flow constructed wetland was designed with a relative low aquifer. The effluent is reused for laundry and for flushing toilets and it feeds a neighboring pond.