Constructed wetlands

Since the start in 1997 in Wageningen Kilian Water has been engineering constructed wetlands which have a minimum energy requirement and a maximum reliability.

Constructed wetlands are natural wastewater treatment systems which are low in energy consumption and which require minimal maintenance. The reason for the low energy consumption lies in the role of the plants which live in symbiosis (relationship between two species from which both benefit) with numerous micro-organisms which break down the contaminants in the wastewater. This makes the constructed wetland to some extend a solar powered water treatment system which explains the low energy need. It also explains the limited maintenance requirement because the more we allow nature to take care the less remains there for ouselves.

Raw domestic sewage requires anearobic pre treatment in a septic tank or biodigester to allow solid organic matter time to dissolve. We implement vasious types of septic tanks and/or biodigesters depending on the project size and scope.

When using constructed wetlands we do not have to handle excess sludge like we have to in conventional sewage treatment plants, as organic matter effectively disappears from the bottom of the food pyramid upwards.

In a constructed wetland bacteria are consumed by for instance flaggelates or rotifers which can be consumed by for instance nemathodes or worms.

With more than fifteen years of experience Kilian Water can come up with the best possible constructed wetland and anaerobic pre treatment solution for any given waste water stream, provided it is treatable within the limits that nature has set for us.