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The making off...

Below one can see some of the phases when making a vertical flow constructed wetland system.

The septic tank / biodigester and grease trap are brought on site and installed.  

In this specific case two seperate types of anaerobic pre treatment are implemented: One septic tank/biodigester exclusively for black water coming from toilets, and one grease trap for grey water coming from showers, washing basins and wasshing machines. Both streams meet in the pump pit from which the pre treated wastewater will be pumped on the vertical flow constructed wetland.

 septic tank and grase trap 1

septic tank and grease trap 2

The liner and drainage layer and pipes are in place.

 Constructed wetland phase 4

The sand is leveled accurately.

 constructed wetland phase 6

The feeder pipes are placed before the top layer of gravel and the pants come.

 constructed wetland phase 9

The same constructed wetland after treating sewage during one year.

constructed wetlnad one year